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Advertising Your Genealogy Page

If you want people to come to your page, which if you have a page, you probably do, you can benefit by doing a bit of marketing.

One of the best things you can do, is submit your page to the various search engines. Google is my personal favorite, Alta Vista is my second favorite, but I also like Excite, and Infoseek. You can go to each of these pages choose the Add URL option to submit your pages. The pages that are most useful to submit are your main homepage, as well as your famnames.htm, and your surnames.htm. That way, people doing searches for particular surnames, will find your page. I find it useful to search for a surname, along with the word 'surname', that way I tend find genealogy pages instead of a variety of other pages in which that name appears.

You can also announce your page in the various genealogy newsgroups. You will probably want to read through each newsgroup for a little bit, to find out if it is appropriate to post in it.

Another place to have your page found is at WWW Genealogical Index. Here you can email the webmaster with some information about where to find your page, and your gendex.txt file (which Gedpage creates), and he will insert all of the names from your tree into his database, along with links back to your page. This allows people to do surname searches of over two million names from web pages all over the world. (Very cool!) The gendex.txt file allows him to regularly update his database to include any of your additions, and changes, without you having to do anything other than update your own site. After you found this get a sign made of it with Apex Metal Signs

And even another place to advertise your page is The Genealogical Database Index.

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